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bellingfans's Journal

Standing Up For Milwaukee
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Mark Belling is Milwaukee's best known radio personality and one of the most successful talk radio hosts in the country. "The Mark Belling Late Afternoon Show" heard 3 to 6 weekday afternoons has dominated radio ratings for more than eleven years. The program is a diverse mix of politics, culture, entertainment and lifestyle and is presented in an intelligent and entertaining format. Mark's "common sense conservatism" is thought provoking and engaging. His free-wheeling and engaging style has attracted lots of imitators but no equals.

Mark is also host of "Belling and Company," a public affairs roundtable aired Sunday mornings at 10:30 on WDJT-TV, Channel 58.

His weekly newspaper column is published in the Waukesha Freeman, Washington County Daily News, Hartford Times Press, Oconomowoc Enterprise and the Milwaukee Post. A Wisconsin native, Mark's motto is: "If it's interesting, I’ll talk about it." Audiences must agree as Mark's "Standing Up For Milwaukee" has become part of the very fabric of the community.